Mantra Monday 2/15

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5 Reasons to go to 6am Yoga Class

Most people can be placed into two different categories–morning people, and not-exactly-morning people.  I tend to be the second, and when I was asked if I would teach a 6am yoga class, I was excited for the opportunity, but less than excited about waking up so early.

Fast forward a few months later, and I am so happy that I agreed, because 6am yoga classes are actually pretty awesome.  Here are 5 reasons why you should try a 6am, or any early morning, yoga class.

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The 5 Yamas Made Simple

You may already know from taking classes, but yoga itself isn’t just the shapes and poses we make with our bodies, but an entire system–an 8-limbed system, or path.  

The poses, or asanas, that we practice in yoga classes are just one of the eight limbs, and sometimes you may hear about the other seven, but most of the time we don’t get very much explanation about them! Here, we’ll break down the first limb for you, The Yamas. 

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