The 5 Yamas Made Simple

You may already know from taking classes, but yoga itself isn’t just the shapes and poses we make with our bodies, but an entire system–an 8-limbed system, or path.  

The poses, or asanas, that we practice in yoga classes are just one of the eight limbs, and sometimes you may hear about the other seven, but most of the time we don’t get very much explanation about them! Here, we’ll break down the first limb for you, The Yamas. 

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7 Tips for Sticking with Yoga

How often do you start something, become completely in love and passionate about it, dedicate tons of energy towards it, and then weeks, months, or years later, end up completely bored and burnt out?

When it comes to yoga, this tends to happen to many of us. In the yoga sutras, Patanjali talks about how people need to have tapas to continue the lifelong practice of yoga. Tapas translates to the burning fire within, to the passion and dedication that keeps you going and keeps you committed–this is what we tend to lose when we become bored with something.

For a lot of people, starting yoga is easy, staying with it for awhile is great, but maintaining that practice over long periods of time, over a lifetime, and keeping that tapas can be nearly impossible–but not completely. Here are some tips that have helped me stay in love with yoga and stick with it:

7 Tips Redo

Blog by Studio Bamboo teacher, Courtney Cronis

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